Rodger Bailey, MS

Rodger has degrees in Anthropology (BS, Fordham University, 1972) and Educational Counseling (MS, U of Bridgeport, 1977), with post grad studies in Linguistics (various institutes). He has completed a certification program as a psychotherapist in Transactional Analysis and is an International Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming specializing in business and organizational applications.


Picture of me BWHe was an electronics technician in the US Navy from 1962 through 1966 and he worked as a computer technician and Programmer/Analyst with IBM from 1967 through 1980.

In late 1980, Rodger began his linguistic career as a consultant, trainer, and developer in the field of brain function, language, and behavior. This work involved a linguistic tool he created, The Language And Behavior Profile (The LAB Profile), which has become one of the most used public domain work trait profiling systems in the world. Many tens of thousands of consultants and business persons, around the world, have studied and continue to use his LAB Profile as their primary consulting and coaching tool.

His latest version of this profiling approach, The Bailey Profile, has many more patterns, more in-depth information, and includes an online test with a 17-page report. This new version is currently being used in English and Spanish.

As part of his work in this area of brain function and behavior, he began mapping the developmental process against brain function and that later led him into solutions for the blocked, stuck, or sluggish developmental process of those with developmental disorders. His background in electronics and computer systems has been invaluable in developing solutions for these developmental problems. He has continued this work through the present time.

In 2001, Rodger started specializing in working with children with Developmental Disorders. Rodger and his wife, Isabel Aguilar, have developed an approach to Developmental Disorders, which facilitates recovery of children with these difficulties. Their work focuses on what has caused the blockage in the developmental process and using the brain’s natural plasticity to get the child back on track and caught up with peers.



In 2006, Rodger re-focused on athletic execution (while continuing his work with children with developmental disorders). He made that shift, because he saw that the children with developmental disorders that he had worked with, had become the best athletes in their school. They achieved the status, because their execution had become so precise with his Developmental Hope™ work.

ice skating 1This new athletic focus for Rodger is The Timing Of The Game™. In working with his test data from more than 10,000 tests, he has developed a new model for understanding execution precision and execution mistakes. This new model is breaking ground on a whole new realm of athletic performance enhancement.

This represents an area of performance improvement, that goes beyond skill development and beyond strength and conditioning.